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"I have been extremely impressed with Mr Hargrave’s practice. He is a superb surgeon and is very approachable. The process and aftercare is thoroughly explained and Jacqueline has been absolutely brilliant in her support both before and after the operation. My operation for a bunion and mallet toe on both feet was just over 5 weeks ago and I am already able to walk normally in trainer-type shoes and drive my car! Any initial discomfort was short-lived and the difference in my feet is amazing. I can’t wait to invest in a new pair of sandals ready for the summer, and will definitely be recommending Mr Hargrave to anyone contemplating foot surgery."



Mr Jason Hargrave - Consultant Podiatrist in Foot and Ankle Surgery

Mr Jason Hargrave - Consultant Podiatrist in Foot and Ankle Surgery:

Mr Jason Hargrave - Consultant Podiatrist in Foot and Ankle SurgeryMr Jason Hargrave is a strong believer in achieving technical excellence in the field of foot surgery and continues to frequently lecture on seminars and conferences; and gives training guidance to less experienced colleagues. He has been the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery for the College of Podiatrists. He has spent time in the USA extending his scope of surgical practice with American podiatric surgeons (Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Antonio) and also has trained with orthopaedic colleagues in Luebeck Germany.

He is described by colleagues as “one of the most technically able surgeons within the profession... his clinical reputation is excellent..his diagnostic and surgical skills are respected by his colleagues” (Charing Cross Hospital Peer Review 09/2005). Further comments taken from his 360 Degree Appraisal Oct 2009 - “Mr Hargrave is an outstanding podiatric surgeon... his hands on surgical skills are second to none”. “He is a respected and skilled clinician. He has the interests of his patients at heart above all things. We are lucky to have a man and a clinician of his calibre working with us”.

Mr Jason Hargrave is the Consultant Podiatrist in foot and ankle surgery at BMI 9 Harley Street and BMI Weymouth Hospital and has over 26 years NHS experience and 21-years within the specialist foot & ankle surgery field.

As an NHS-trained Consultant Podiatrist in Foot & Ankle Surgery, he held NHS Consultant posts for 16 years, but now works in the private sector in Central London. He has performed over 12,000 foot surgery procedures and feels that the right balance of expertise, evidence based medicine and patient-focussed care will yield the best results for the patient. Foot surgery in general and cosmetic foot surgery itself, requires a complete understanding of foot biomechanical function and anatomy. Coupling this with the patient's individual wishes is essential for excellent post-operative results.

Dr Aubrey Bristow - Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Aubrey Bristow - Consultant Anaesthetist:

Dr Bristow is accredited in both adult and paediatric anaesthesia. His subspecialty is the insertion of lines and ports for long term drug administration such as chemotherapy. He also undertakes intensive care and has a medicolegal practice specialising in anaesthesia, resuscitation and ambulance services.

Jackie Morley - Practice Manager

Jackie Morley - Practice Manager:

Jackie Morley - Practice Manager - Cosmetic Foot SurgeryJackie is the Practice Manager and first point of contact for all new patients and follow-up patients. For confidential help and advice on booking an initial consultation as well as arranging surgery. This includes dealing with individuals' Private Health Care Insurance or helping with self-funding patients. Jackie has been working with Mr Hargrave for over 4 years. She has a wealth of experience to make our patients' individual wishes our priority.

Our Experienced Theatre Team

Our Experienced Theatre Team:

From left Chris, Kevin, Ryan, Juliet & Joyce

“We asked patients to tell us if they were treated with respect and dignity at all times and 98.4% said ‘Yes, always’.

And finally we are proud to report that 98.7% of patients said that we either met or exceeded their expectations, and 91.2% of our patients would definitely recommend this hospital.”

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