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Unsightly lumps and bumps on the foot can also be embarrassing, painful and cause irritation in footwear. Most of these are easy to remove safely under a local anaesthetic, improving both the appearance and feel of the foot.

X-rays or scans may be required in addition. Our consultant has over 26-years surgical experience in the safe removal of lumps and bumps from on and around the foot. The consultation will cover the condition, how the correction is undertaken, rehabilitation, post-surgical recovery requirements and the risks of the surgery.

Toe Shortening Quotes



"I have wanted my big toes shortened for many years but was put off at the thought off the pain I would have to entail however I decided to go ahead after the reassurance Mr H gave me at my first consultation. Mr H answered all my questions & explained fully what the whole procedure would involve as well as the post op care. The operation itself was so relaxed & over so quick & for having both feet operated on at once was certainly the best decision as was advised. Now 3 months on I cannot express how happy I...



Lumps and Bumps Patients

Lumps, Bumps and Skin Lesion Patients

  • To show removal of an unsightly bone bump
  • To show removal of a large ganglion cyst (benign)
  • To show removal of a mucoid skin cyst (benign)
  • A combination of skin and bone surgery techniques were used to eliminate this patient's unsightly pigmented 3rd and 5th toe lesions. This is 2-months following the surgery.
  • Removal of unsightly bone bump - 'dorsal bunion'; from the top of the big toe joint.
  • Removal of an unsightly cyst from the heel

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