Tailors Bunion

Tailors Bunion /Bunionette (little toe joint bunion)

The surgery to correct a Tailors’ bunion is quicker and simpler than big toe joint bunion surgery.  It is less complex and there is little chance of recurrence of the deformity.  The long bone (metatarsal) to the little toe is still cut (osteotomy) and corrected and fixed with titanium bone screws as per hallux valgus (big toe bunion surgery), but recovery is easier.

Here are some examples from our practice:

Tailors Bunion Patients

Tailors Bunion Patients

  • Bunions corrected on both sides of the foot, AKA Cinderella surgery
  • Before and after correction of a large Tailor’s bunion
  • Two months after Tailors bunion correction

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