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The UKs premier Cosmetic Foot Surgery Centre

The UKs premier Cosmetic Foot Surgery Centre

Our specialist centre is the first and longest-established cosmetic foot surgery unit in the UK. Many of the procedures we use were pioneered in our centre and surgeries that were previously unable to be offered in the UK such as toe-shortening, were initiated by the pioneering work of our consultant specialist, Mr Hargrave.

As the UK’s busiest cosmetic foot surgery clinic, we have carried out over 20,000 procedures, attracting patients worldwide from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia. There is a growing demand for cosmetic surgery in the UK and the foot is no exception. Our most popular procedures include toe-shortening, bunion corrective surgery, corn removal surgery and toe-separation for joined or webbed toes.

We also provide surgery for the wide range of non-cosmetic procedures such as hammertoe-corrections, neuroma treatment, treatment of arthritic joints, sports injuries, ingrown toe-nail surgery, orthotic supports and guided injections for pain-relief and heel pain treatment.

Advancement In Surgery Techniques

Advancement In Surgery Techniques

In recent years, there has been much investment and advancement in surgery techniques for the foot; including newer and safer implants, which allow more speedy recovery and return to work after surgery.

Our clinic is at the absolute forefront of using these safer technologies from around the world, to improve the patient journey and reduce risks of a poor outcome.

Foot surgery is a highly complex field and requires a comprehensive understanding of biomechanical function and anatomy. In the field of podiatry this is taught right through from undergraduate to post-graduate level and is a core part of the 11 years of podiatric surgical training. No other specialty in foot surgery has as much specialist training in the foot and surgery as we have in podiatry.

Aesthetic Approach

Aesthetic Approach:

Nearly every patient we see is embarrassed about their feet, avoids wearing open-toed shoes and even avoids showing their partners their feet. Routine things such as going on holiday becomes a nightmare for these people. Nothing gives us more pleasure then to see these patients in follow-up wearing their new sandals!

Deformities of the foot have been surgically treated for over a hundred years now, but mostly without any consideration for the cosmetic appearance. Many conditions such as webbed toes and toe length issues have previously been largely ignored. These deformities are also usually uncomfortable, causing shoe-fitting problems and psychological stress and low self-esteem for patients.

We believe that the feet are no less deserving of cosmetic attention than any other part of the body. However, we do not endorse extreme surgical procedures used purely to fit feet into narrower shoes, such as little toe amputation. Our surgery is designed to make things look as normal as possible. We need to be convinced that the deformity, psychological and lifestyle restrictions of a patient, warrant the trauma of surgery.

Day Case Surgery Under Local Anaesthetic

Day Case Surgery Under Local Anaesthetic:

Podiatric surgery in the UK has pioneered new techniques in anaesthesia, which allows complex surgery on the foot to be safely undertaken under a local anaesthetic – as an awake procedure. 95% of our patients choose this approach as it is also more cost-effective. We do also provide surgery under intravenous sedation and full general anaesthetic at The Weymouth Hospital in Weymouth Street off Harley Street in the West End of London.

"Patients are becoming more demanding - and quite rightly! They no longer just want reconstructive surgery to eliminate a deformity and pain, they want it to be aesthetically pleasing too" JH.

Our lead Consultant, Mr Hargrave has over 40-years’ experience within the specialist field of podiatry; and over 30-years’ experience in foot and ankle surgery. He worked in the NHS for 16-years as lead consultant in 4 NHS foot surgery centres, before working full-time in the independent sector.

Our outpatient centre is on the world-famous Harley Street in the West End, where we see for your initial assessment and follow-ups. We also provide all imaging techniques including x-rays, ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. Foot surgery is carried out at the luxurious Weymouth Hospital (see the link at the top of the page) and our Foot & Ankle Centre in Chingford north London. Our aim is to care for you to the highest possible standard and listen to your needs as well as ensuring you are given the correct support and advice to aid the best post-operative results.

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