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"I had both my bunions removed by Mr Hargrave earlier this year. The whole experience went beyond my expectations and; I was really happy with the results. Whenever i was worried or concerned about any thing I called and some one was there to help and advice me. I would definately recommend the Centre . I am so pleased with the results I have now recommended Mr Hargrave to my sister."



Bunion Surgery Patients

Bunion Surgery Patients

  • To show correction of little toe joint Tailor's bunion
  • Before and after bunion correction by scarf osteotomy
  • Before and after a scarf osteotomy procedure
  • Correction of mild bunion and long hallux
  • Left foot Tailor's bunion correction 2-months post-surgery
  • Correction of a moderate bunion deformity on a young Afrocaribbean female patient. This is 2-months after surgery.
  • Our trademark Cinderella surgery to remove the bunion and shorten and straighten the middle toes
  • The 'Foot Face Lift' - both big toe and little toe join bunions are corrected together to narrow the foot

The Bunion Surgery Procedure We Use

The Bunion Surgery Procedure We Use:

The bunion surgery procedures we use can be undertaken under local anaesthetic and sedation or full general anaesthetic (still be allowed home on the same day). We will normally perform a scarf (z-osteotomy) or in severe and unstable hallux valgus, fuse the base of the long 1st metatarsal bone (modified Lapidus procedure). Both these surgeries involve fixing the bones with special bone screws and or plates and remove the need for patients to have to wear a plaster cast following surgery.

  • FREE Consultation Offer

  • We are offering FREE consultations from now through to the end of March.


Don’t be embarrassed anymore!

Our specialist centre is the first and longest-established cosmetic foot surgery unit in the UK.

Many of the procedures we use were pioneered in our centre and surgeries that were previously unable to be offered in the UK such as toe-shortening, were initiated by the pioneering work of our consultant specialist, Mr Hargrave...

  • New Surgery Techniques

    In recent years, there has been much investment and advancement in surgery techniques for the foot; including newer and safer implants, which allow more speedy recovery and return to work after surgery...


  • The Aesthetic Approach

    Nearly every patient we see is embarrassed about their feet, avoids wearing open-toed shoes and even avoids showing their partners their feet. Routine things such as going on holiday becomes a nightmare for these people...


  • Day Case Surgery under Local Anaesthetic

    Podiatry in the UK has pioneered new techniques in anesthesia, which allows complex surgery on the foot to be safely undertaken under a local anaesthetic – as an awake procedure. 95% of our patients choose this approach as it is also more...



    “I was over the moon with the service provided, Mr Hargrave was fantastic! I am healing well and the scar has almost disappeared after only 3 months. Would thoroughly recommend this centre.”


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