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A corn is a skin lesion of hard compacted area of dead skin.

It can form a hard “seed” or “corn” in the centre of surrounding callous (hard skin). Often the toe can be too long or bent (such as a hammertoe), which raises the knuckle that rubs against the shoe and causes the corn to form. The same treatment (below) can be used for patients with dark or light skin corn lesions (hyper or hypo-pigmentation). Many of our Asian and Afro Caribbean patients undertake surgical corn removal.

Why do we seem to only have corns on the feet?

Because we encase the feet in a hard shoe, any regular pressure against a prominent toe joint can cause a callous or corn or multiple corns. The feet uniquely take the whole of the body weight and when this is combined with shoe pressure, the corn or corns are formed.

Why won’t it go?

Despite padding, chemical applications such as corn plasters and chiropody treatment, corns are normally very stubborn and unsightly in open footwear and sandals. What is often overlooked is that underneath the corn there is a lump of inflamed tissue which forms, called a bursa. This forms in response to soft-tissue inflammation over either of the small knuckle. This then further increases the pressure underneath the corn, making it more sore and prominent.

Surgical Corn Removal Patients

Surgical Corn Removal Patients

  • 2-months after 2nd and 4th toe corn removal surgery
  • 3 months after corn removal of the middle 3 toes.
  • 2 months after corn removal surgery.
  • Shortening fusions with Nextra clips with corn removal in addition
  • These 2 corns were surgically removed, the results on the right are 6-months after the surgery
  • Corn removal surgery - which was combined with toe-shortening
  • This nasty painful corn on the 2nd toe was caused by a hammertoe and bunion deformity. In this case, these had to be corrected because the corn kept returning after chiropody treatment.
  • Multiple pigmented lesions were removed from the middle 3 toes and the toes were also slightly shortened. The patient is very pleased at 3-months after surgery and is aware that her mild scarring will continue to improve over a long period of time.
  • 2nd and 4th toe skin plasty procedures for unsightly (depigmented) corn lesions
  • This patient had abnormal pigmented corn-type lesions over the four main toes. After simple anthroplasty treatment with only partial excision of the skin lesions, the effect was drastic with the rest of lesions clearing up also.
  • Before & after corn removal surgery 3-months post-op
  • 3-months after corn removal surgery to the middle toes.
  • 3-months following corn removal surgery. Any swelling and redness will resolve over the next 3-months. Understandably, the patient is very happy with her new toes!

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    In recent years, there has been much investment and advancement in surgery techniques for the foot; including newer and safer implants, which allow more speedy recovery and return to work after surgery...


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    Nearly every patient we see is embarrassed about their feet, avoids wearing open-toed shoes and even avoids showing their partners their feet. Routine things such as going on holiday becomes a nightmare for these people...


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    Podiatry in the UK has pioneered new techniques in anesthesia, which allows complex surgery on the foot to be safely undertaken under a local anaesthetic – as an awake procedure. 95% of our patients choose this approach as it is also more...



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