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Flat Foot

What is a flatfoot?

Many patients have a low arch when standing, but this doesn't necessarily mean that treatment is required. However, many patients will develop pain in association with a flatfoot where the mid and rearfoot (hindfoot) joints become collapsed and misaligned. There are several causes with names such as collapsing pes valgo planus (CPVP), tibialis posterior dysfunction and hyperpronation. Rarely, children are born with hindfoot bones misaligned (e.g. vertical talus) and bones that are joined together, which should be separate (tarsal coalitions). These tend to cause a very inflexible or rigid flatfoot. The majority of presenting flatfoot conditions seen in our clinics are "adult acquired flexible flatfoot" deformities.


May present in a variety of ways, ranging from arch pain, swelling and pain under the ankle bone and joint aches. Pain can also be caused higher up, for example in the knee hip or lower back due to the general poor posture of the foot which rotates the leg inwards.

What type of Flatfoot Surgery is available?

Flatfoot surgery has changed enormously over the last 30 years and some recent developments such as the Hyprocure sinus tarsi stent are giving exciting results. If you have significant tendon damage then this will need to be repaired. The malposition of the foot can also be corrected by a variety of bone and joint procedures. Generally these are major surgical procedures with a protracted recovery, but results are usually very rewarding for the patient.

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