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About Cosmetic Foot Surgery

The majority of all foot surgery procedures undertaken on the foot are due to a variety of deformities that develop in the foot overtime such as bunions and hammertoes. Fitting these conditions into shoes often causes joint pain, skin sores and painful corns. To improve the comfort of the foot, these deformities are corrected and naturally this will improve the look of the foot. Therefore the boundary between non-cosmetic and cosmetic foot surgery is considerably blurred.

Our cosmetic foot surgery procedures use the same tried and tested surgical techniques. The most common procedures for cosmetic appearance involve correcting bunions, hammertoes and shortening overlong toes, which are uncomfortable in shoes.

Our patients tell us that the appearance of the foot is equally as important after surgery as the relief of their discomfort or pain.

There is some controversy concerning cosmetic foot surgery in the USA, which may have been born out of the more aggressive surgeries being performed in the name of cosmesis. For example, we hear of cases where little toes are amputated to accommodate the foot in high fashion shoes. We regard these procedures as mutilating and in no way do we perform or endorse these types of surgery in our practice. Our philosophy is to improve the look of the foot thereby making it more comfortable for shoe-fitting. We know that if we reduce or stop your discomfort, improve the foot's appearance and give you a wider variety of shoes to wear comfortably, you will be a happy patient.

It is also important that you make an informed choice to have surgery which includes information concerning the risks and potential for complications with surgery.

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